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The Airport Machine

The Airport Machine simulation model is a general-purpose airport simulation that has been designed for the analysis of any airport. The data input provided by the user describes the airfield layout, air traffic control rules and procedures, and the aircraft/pilot performance characteristics. While the model is not intended for the design of en route airspace, all the airspace characteristics that could affect airport design are incorporated in the model.

The model was developed by Aviation Simulations International, Inc. (ASI), of Huntington, N. Y., who perform studies using the model, and license the model for use by others.

The Airport Machine is implemented in a standard PC-compatible computer and uses a high resolution graphic terminal and graphics card to display the simulated airport in animated form as the simulation progresses. This availability of concurrent graphics makes possible the unique interaction capability provided by the model. This interaction substantially improves the flexibility of the model, allowing the user to take over direct control of critical operations in order to experiment with how best to resolve problems that are specific to the particular airport. For instance the user may assign the runway or gate used by a particular flight, or may direct the route of that flight as it taxies around the airport. These interactions may be recorded and then used in subsequent simulation experiments or demonstrations.

The versatility and integrity of The Airport Machine have been demonstrated by the ability of others not involved in its development to use the tool effectively. Valuable feedback from users, gained through twenty years of application at a variety of airports around the world, has permitted continued improvement of the model.