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He's a Techie. He's Rich. He's Retired. He knows it all.  Just ask him.

A note to my readers.  Just so you know, I mastered the computer game by 28, and recently retired a millionaire.  Since I have all this free time, I have taken up Boating in Portsmouth Harbor.  Boating, as you know, is much less complicated than computers, so naturally, with my God given smarts, I am already an expert in all facets of boating.  Being rich, I decided also to be a philanthropist, and help any of you boaters out there in need of advice. Email me, attention: New Man. 
Ciao,  New Man of the Sea. 




New Man, 

Is "Red right return" just a bunch of bull, or what?  


If you live on the Isle of Shoals, yes, it is a bunch of bull.  

Dear New man
I as well as you are looking forward to the day I can comprehend your  vast genius.  However that will never happen until you are deceased, so quit wasting my time and kick off.   O.K.?? 
Possibly a future faithful follower

Thank you for your kind words.  In light of your requests, I have postponed my diet of vegetables, soy, and green tea, and have switched to Gino's Pizza Rolls, straight Velveta and Budwieser.

Hey, New man.  You havenít received one question all summer.  You must feel like a real loser.  Why do you think everyone has chosen to blatantly ignore you?


Like Van Gough, Galileo, and Jesus, I don't think the world has advanced enough to appreciate my insights and profound knowledge.   Someday, after I have died, future generations will say, "Yes, I was a faithful follower of the New Man of the Sea".  I know only a few understand me and my vision.  A quick message to my future fans: I look forward to the day when you can understand and appreciate my genius.