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Ice-out 2009
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Ice-out on Lake Winnipesaukee is declared when the M/S Mount Washington cruise ship is able to reach all of its ports of call in Alton, Center Harbor, Meredith, Weirs Beach and Wolfeboro.

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Today (April 11th)
The Ice is out!  Official ice out was declared on 12:00 PM on Sunday,  April 11th.
Old Man's prediction:  April 22nd  (way off, loses all credibility, and proves the last 2 years were just dumb luck).

It is nice to see someone out enjoying the lake.  No ice out yet.  Some of the Bays are still jammed with ice.  If you look at the waterline under Mt. Washington (Left of Citgo sigan) you can see a white strip of blown ice. 

April 8, 2009
A Northwest wind cleared the ice out of the bay, and into the Broads.  No word on ice out yet. 

April 7, 2009
Yesterday's heavy rain put the hurt on the remaining ice.  It is paper thin and not long for this world. 

April 6, 2009

It doen't look like much movement over the weekend, but check out the two pictures below.  Lisa Fong took the elevator to the top of her mansion and took these two photos 4 hours apart.  The ice south of Welch Island virtually disappeared in a matter of hours.  This is proof the  ice is on the ropes, the question is when will the knockout punch be delivered?  . 

April 5, 2009 3PM

April 5, 2009 7PM

April 4, 2009
Big movement in the last week.  10 days ago there were still trucks out on the lake. 

April 3, 2009

This morning: Fog; a good ice eater.  This afternoon: Rain; a better ice eater. 

April 2, 2009

The ice has rolled out of the Marina..  Sunny and in the 60's today.  A great day for melting. 

March 31st, 2009

Sorry about the delay in the ice out page (server problems).  After a long cold winter, spring has been a pleasant surprise.  Even though the ice was thick this winter (20 inches), the water temperature is unseasonably warm.  This, along with the good weather, should make for an accelerated melt.   The Old Man of the Lake predicted the 22nd of April and now is begging me to let him change his pick before this goes live (he was a day off last year and right on the year before).  Sorry Old Man, you are going to be way off this year.  Art Baker who knows the ice as well as anyone predicted the 15th.  Paula Miles would not give an exact date but said the warm water will make for an early ice out.    It resembles 2004, which had an Ice-out of April 20th.  It looks about 8 days ahead of last year which had an ice out of April 23rd which would put the ice out on the 16th.   If you can find anyone who will still take a wager bet on the 16th. 

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