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Ice out 2003

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Ice-out graph 

The ice is out!
Ice-out on Lake Winnipesaukee was officially declared at 10:30 a.m. Friday morning.
Old Man's prediction:  May 1.


What a difference a day makes.  No ice in Saunders Bay and very little in the Broads.  No word on ice-out yet.




Look closely to the left-center of the photo.  That is either a snowmobile or a jet ski that found a passageway through the ice. 





The ice situation may seem bleak (compared to last year), but check back to the ice progress of 2001 and you will see we have had more melting than 2001 (2001 ice out May 2).  The ice is thicker this year (36 inches deep) than it was in 2001, but tomorrows heat and southwest wind will do some damage.  Before any melting, The Old Man of the Lake predicted ice out on May 1.  Let's see the geezer knows what he's talking about.  









This is getting depressing.



Let it snow?









A very late start this year (to see what the lake looked like in March of last year look below), but there has been significant melting this week.  All of the bob houses are gone and the lake seems poised to shake of the ice.


Don't get depressed, but this is what the lake looked like on March 11th of last year.