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The Ice is Out!

Although the lake barely froze, Winnipesaukee "Ice out" was officially declared at 5:30 AM, Friday, April 5.   As long as one of the ports that the M/S Mt. Washington  navigates is blocked by ice, the ice is declared "in".  As soon as all of the ports are clear, then the ice is declared "out".   Now the M/S Mt. Washington can safely navigate to all her ports (Center Harbor, Wolfeboro, Alton Bay, Weirs Beach, and Meredith).  Although this was the warmest winter on record in 122 years, it was not close to being the earliest ice-out.


Lots of snow, but still no ice. 
March 21, 2002

High winds last night knocked all of the ice out of the Bay and on to the shore.  Get ready to boat. March 11, 2002

Warm wind and rain last night with high winds today, could mean trouble for the remaining ice in the Bay.  Pictures will be updated daily until the ice is gone so stay tuned.
March 10, 2002


The warm rain and wind opened up the ice near the Witches.  The ice is also thinning by the edges.  Get ready for an early ice out!  To see the broads click here.

March 4, 2002

Saunders Bay is still iced in, but if you look to the center left, their is still a little open water.  Just as quickly as the Broads locked up, they have re-opened and the hole is getting bigger.

March 1, 2002

All the talk about the lake not freezing this year is all over.  The recent cold snap locked up most of the open water on the lake (including The Broads).   Log on when the weather gets warmer for daily pictures of the ice receding.  To see last years sequence click here:  Last year's ice-out

Feb. 14, 2002


It's hard to start talking about ice-out when the ice is not even "in" yet.  As you can see Saunder's Bay is starting to lock up, but there is still a lot of open water toward the Witches, and the Broads. 

Feb. 2, 2002