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Share your favorite picture of your two best friends: Your dog and your boat.
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Attached is a  photo of Duchess Singer in Braun Bay.  Braun Bay seems to be her favorite part of the lake to swim.  She has put in many hours there.  However, she also has had fun swimming at Doug Hill, Johnsons Cove, Paugus Bay and other areas of the lake as well.  She has been called a hood ornament quite often of the "Cara-Leah" because she loves riding on the bow, but when the boat gets past wake speed, she takes her other favorite spot on the boat right next to the captain.    

Debi, Steve, Leah, Cara & Duchess Singer

Buddy, a hopeless romantic, loves a boat ride.  Whenever he gets caught up in the moment,  he sneaks a little smootch.  I don't kiss him back though.  Reason one:  my husband might get jealous.  Reason two:  dogbreath.
Chrysse, Buddy and Seymour, Winnipesaukee