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More Destinations

It was the first of May, the temperature was flirting with 80, but Winnipesaukee "ice out" had not been declared yet.  We didn't care.  The winter had been a little too long, and we were going boating.  Bill rounded up the cast of die-hards, and they were all in without question.  Destination: Meredith for dinner at one of their fine Restaurants.

The boat of Choice a Brand new 25' Fountain Center Console.  Launch01.jpg (63606 bytes) We decided to launch at Silver Sands Marina ($15).  They have a decent paved ramp with parking.   We loaded up and trolled out of the marina and we were staring out at the Ossippee Mountains and Mount Washington. Gasdock.jpg (59048 bytes) All Boaters know that Winnipesaukee is a nice when viewed by land, but awesome when viewed by water. 

We got the boat up on plane and headed for Governor's Island.  Governor's Island has some of the grandest mansions on the Lake, Mansion.jpg (61598 bytes)and their splendor is in full view from the water.  Past Governor's is the popular Weirs Beach.  Usually we would pull into their large public docks, stroll down the boardwalk and play at least one game of pin-ball.  However, most of the boardwalk is closed until later in the season.  

Without hesitation, down we went through Meredith Bay.  At the Mouth of the bay is an old lighthouse.  I think it is non-operational, and lucky for us there was no fog in sight. L-House.jpg (61703 bytes) 

Some of the crew got a little thirsty so luckily we had a few Budweiser's on board.  bud.jpg (61748 bytes)We passed a few around, but none to the Captain.  There was still a little debris in the water so we wanted him to be sharp. 

Into Beautiful Meredith Harbor we rolled.  We powered back for two reasons.  One: the end of the Harbor is a no-wake zone, and two: to soak in the classic New England Village.  The often busy town docks were empty so docking was a breeze.  Docked.jpg (61112 bytes)
Meredith has a lot of fine Restaurants within walking distance of the Town Docks (The Boat House Grill, Guiseppe's, Mame's), but if you want one with a real Winnipesaukee feel you should try Camp (directly across the road from the town docks). camp.jpg (61620 bytes)   It's decor and menu gives the feel of an authentic summer camp on on one of New Hampshire's Lakes. 

After Dinner, it was getting dark, so we decided to hit the water while we still had a little light.  leaving2.jpg (61753 bytes)
Luckily we got a pretty good Sunset for the ride home.  Even with the temperatures in the 80's, the 40 degree water temperature made for a cold ride.  
We arrived safely back into Saunder's Bay.  GasdockPM.jpg (59491 bytes) Although we all agreed the winter was too long, being back on the waters of Winnipesaukee made it well worth the wait.