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More Destinations 

Wolfeboro/Back Bay

On Winnipesaukee, the school of thought tends to be "the bigger the better."  To some of us, who like to frequent the Back Bay of Wolfeboro, the school of thought is "the lower the better".  To get to the Back Bay you need a boat with a low bridge clearance.  Depending on the level of the water, bridge clearance runs about 4 feet and under.   If you want to get their in ultimate style go "old school".  Our boat of choice was a 24' Triple Cockpit Hacker Craft.  wolf1.jpg (64214 bytes) This Beauty was docked inside a boathouse in Smith Cove.   wolf3.jpg (63400 bytes)  Bill had all the prop's, flying the manufacturers flag in the bow, and Old Glory aft.  wolf2.jpg (61655 bytes)  A Triple Cockpit is called so because (you guessed it) it has three cockpits.  The furthest one aft is called the "Mother-in-Law Cockpit."  My mother-in-law couldn't make it, so the rest of the crew designated me to sit back there.  Once in a while they would take a break from their good time to give me a wave.  wolf4.jpg (63004 bytes)  As we turned the corner and headed out for the broads, wolf5.jpg (61816 bytes)it was getting pretty rough, so they let me move up to the middle cockpit.  wolf6.jpg (62602 bytes)  The Broads can get rough.  As we approached Rattlesnake Islandwolf7.jpg (61697 bytes)  The swells were approaching four feet.  wolf8.jpg (63285 bytes)  I frequently took a look back wishing my mother-in-law was here to enjoy the ride wolf10.jpg (61057 bytes) (If you read this Antiope, you know I'm kidding of course) .    The ride became calm again as we turned the corner to Wolfeboro Bay.  Wolfeboro, wolf11.jpg (61070 bytes) the oldest summer resort in America, has all the charm of a great New England Town.  Wolfeboro is a great destination for all boats, big and small, with large and plentiful public docking.  wolf12.jpg (60690 bytes)  If you think you are "low enough" to make it through the bridge to Back Bay, make sure you remove all high flying objects.  wolf13.jpg (62725 bytes)The stone bridge has little mercy on night lights, VHF antennas, radar arches, and windshields.     wolf15.jpg (63407 bytes)  Bill took it slow, but navigated us successfully through the bridge.  wolf17.jpg (60191 bytes)  The Back Bay Crowd loves wooden boats.  To avoid being know as a snob, it's a good idea to wave at passing boaters and onlookers (standing is optional).  wolf18.jpg (62340 bytes)  Back Bay is just as popular with water skiers wolf19.jpg (62088 bytes)as it is with wood boat enthusiasts. wolf23.jpg (62238 bytes)   It's glassy water is a great haven from Winnipesaukees rough water.  If you have a pair of ski's on board make sure you try the ski-jump. wolf20.jpg (63358 bytes) Unfortunately, we forgot ours.  We decided to do something a little less strenuous, so we went for lobster instead.  We pulled into Back Bay Marina, Home of the Wolfetrap Restaraunt.  wolf21.jpg (62958 bytes)   Look for an American Flag for a slip that is designated for restaurant patrons.  wolf22.jpg (62124 bytes)  We had lobster, steamers, fried oysters, giant peel and eat shrimp, crab cakes, and a few Coronas.    By the time we finished it was dark, so we navigated back by the Handle of the Big Dipper.   The warm water temperature made the air warmer in the Broads than ashore.  Finally, we put the boat to bed in its boat house.  wolf24.jpg (61674 bytes)