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Sand Bar/Beach Bar Winnipesaukee

Some people like bars.  Some people like boating.  We can relate with both these groups, so we went to Lake Winnipesaukee in search of bars.  Sandbars to cool our bodies and a beach bar to cool our throats.  We fired up the perfect party boat, a 2002 29' Regal 2900LSR Bow Rider, and hit the open water.  sandnhcom.jpg (59647 bytes)   Our first stop was the Gator Inc. Gas Dock, located at Silver Sands Marina.  SandJon.jpg (60873 bytes) We were greeted by John Gately, called  "the friendliest man on Lake Winnipesaukee".  We got gas, ice, soda, water, chips, ice cream, fresh baked cookies, a lake chart, hot dogs, and a free lolli-pop.   We turned the corner at Saunders Bay, and headed for The Broads.  SandTobroads.jpg (60353 bytes)  Lake Winnipesaukee, NH's largest lake, can be seen at its grandest in the center of the broads.  sandbroad.jpg (62276 bytes)   From Gilford we went south east to Alton.  We stayed to the south of Diamond Island, sanddiam.jpg (60220 bytes)  and to the south of Sleeper Island sandcast.jpg (62711 bytes) (Don't forget to notice the Castle on Sleeper).  And at Marker 75 on the Lake Chart is Small's Cove.  sand75.jpg (63757 bytes)   The sandbar is large, raging in depths from 2' to 5'.  Winnipesaukee water is crystal clear.  The sand is clean and fine. 
sand751.jpg (62474 bytes)   We swam, mingled with the other boaters, jumped on and off the boat, sun bathed, ate, drank, played football, splashed each other in the face, and dunked each other.  After a while we were ready for the kind of bar that serves cold beer.  We pulled anchor and headed back through The Broads sandtonas.jpg (59824 bytes) to get a late lunch at The Naswa.   As we headed towards Weirs Beach we took special care to watch out for the Witches. sandwitch.jpg (60821 bytes)  The Witches are a group of rocks, invisible when the water is high, barely visible when the water is low, that has feasted on hundreds of unsuspecting out-drives.    Into the Weirs and through the Channel is Winnipesaukee's most popular Beach Bar: The Naswa.  sandnas.jpg (62657 bytes)   The Naswa has plenty of slips, sandnas1.jpg (61106 bytes) a beach to cool off, and a bar to belly up to. sandnas2.jpg (60969 bytes)    We had burgers, chicken fingers and of course, beer.  Refreshed, we were ready for another sandbar.  We motored out of the Weirs, sandtobran.jpg (61931 bytes) cut between Governor's Island and Stonedam Island, and a took a left before Bear Island.  We passed the Post Office on Bear Island sandmail2.jpg (60778 bytes), but were in too much of hurry to stop and send a post-card.  Around Bear Island we passed the Mount Washington sandMt.jpg (63064 bytes)  We waved to the passengers on the deck and turned the corner around Long Point on Moultonborough Neck, and cruised into Braun Bay.    Braun Bay, one of the busiest sandbars on Winnipesaukee was surprisingly quiet.  We swam with a few of the die hards as the sun set on the bay.  SandbraunY.jpg (58596 bytes)   After the sun ducked behind the trees we headed out into the open water to bask in what was left of a great day on Winnipesaukee.  sandbraunby1.jpg (60954 bytes)